National Executive Council – NEC

National Executive Council

The National Executive Council shall have the following functions:

  1. To act as the executive body of the National Delegates Congress and to ensure that all decisions and policies made are duly carried out and implemented by the Party and its Secretariat;
  2. To supervise the administrative machinery of the Party at all levels and to take such measures it deems necessary to enforce the decisions and programs of the Party as laid down by the National Delegates Congress and the General Council and Lower organs of the party;
  3. To work in liaison with the Party Parliamentary Group;
  4. To work in liaison with the party County Assembly Caucus;
  5. To work in liaison with the Diaspora Branch
  6. To make rules for approval by the National Delegates Congress and for the General Council
  7. To appoint other committees for specified tasks including the panel of arbitrators, National Nomination and Election Boards as specified by this Constitution and the terms of office including the manner and frequency of
    reports by or from such committees;
  8. To plan and co-ordinate grassroots elections and the election of delegates to the National Delegates Congress;
  9. As an electoral college under the National Nominations and Elections Board;
  10. To establish, co-ordinate and conduct various schemes aimed at stimulatin Party activities
  11. To prepare the agenda for and reports for the National Delegates Congress and General Council.
  12. To operate and determine the manner in which the Party accounts and finances shall be managed.
  13. To ensure co-ordination and harmonious operations between the different Party caucuses and groups established by this Constitution.
  14. To discipline, suspend, expel and/or dissolve any County or Lower Executive Committee of the Party.
  15. To consider and ratify the decisions of the Management Committee and petitions from the Branches and the County Executive Committee.
  16. To draw a program for the National officials to visit and meet branch executives throughout the republic.
  17. To ensure that scheduled meeting of all organs of the party take place as set by this constitution.
  18. To generate motions relating to the formation of mergers and/or coalitions for ratification by the General Council
  19. To establish ad hoc disciplinary committees to ensure adherence to the party’s constitution



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