Usawa, Haki na Ukweli Our History

The Party is a product of FORUM FOR THE RESTORATION OF DEMOCRACY (FORD), a pressure group founded by Democrats opposed to single-party rule by KANU in late 1980s early 1990s.

The pressure group’s demand for a multi-party democracy, the enjoyment of human rights and freedoms through advocacy and mass action compelled the government to expunge Section 2(a) from the Constitution of Kenya to give way to the operation of many political parties in the country.


To build a Secure, Just, democratic and a Prosperous united nation.

Endeavoring to promote Democracy, respect for fundamental human rights and ...

Usawa, Haki na Kweli Party Leader

"A reputable Lawyer, astute leader and an accomplished speaker. As NASA'S co-Principal and strategist, he has raised FORD-Kenya profile to an admirable level."
Senator Moses Wetangula
Party Leader
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